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Related article: Date: Thu, 26 Dec 2002 08:46:04 -0800 (PST) From: Steve aka bearbtmboy Subject: Adventures on the Road, Parts 1Note: This story describes gay sex. If this turns you off, stop reading. This is pure fantasy and some of the activities described are not considered "safe." Please remember to play safe. This story also describes biological dad/son sex so be forewarned. I welcome feedback at I hope you enjoy my story.Adventures on the Road Part 1: The Smokey MountainsI had a couple of weeks off and decided to drive to Nashville to visit a couple of fuckbuddies I met at Southern Decadence last September. I live in Richmond and protect and serve the city and its citizens as a police officer. I've been on the force for ten years. I'm 35 years old, 5'10" tall, weigh a solid 185 pounds and have dark brown hair, kept short. I work out five mornings a week and I'm proud of my hard muscular body. I have eight fat inches of cock and I love to slam it into tight asses and mouths. I'm pretty much a top but I've spread my hairy ass cheeks more than once for a hot man. Oh, by the way, my name's Alan Callihan.I packed a duffel bag, threw it in backseat of my new Ford F150 with my tent, and hit the highway at dawn on a steamy Monday morning. I figured I'd take a few days to get to Nashville. I wanted to spend a night or two in the Smokey Mountains. It's a beautiful area of the country and the woods are filled with hot men. The weather was beautiful and the traffic was practically nonexistent. I'm a sucker for blue-collar guys and I cruised a few hot ones in trucks on the drive to Gatlinburg. I wanted to get to a campsite by sunset so I fought the temptation to hook up along the way. Of course by the time I got to the campground I was as horny as hell.It was starting to get dark as I pulled into the campground just outside the gates of the Smokey Mountains National Park. I parked the truck and entered a small cabin to register. Behind the check-in desk stood a good-looking young Best Lolita Sites man, probably around 25 years old. He wore a dark blue tee shirt and a baseball cap. He had light brown hair and beautiful dark eyes. His arms were muscular and tanned. Unfortunately I couldn't get a look at this crotch or ass because of the desk."Hi. Welcome to Sunset Stream Campground, my name's Todd," he said extending his right hand."Thank you. I'm looking forward to my stay Todd, I'm Alan Callihan," I responded with a firm handshake and a smile.We sized each other up while he checked me in. I sneaked a peek at his basket. It looked impressive plus I've always been a sucker for guys in cut-off jeans. My dick was nearly fully hard and I thought I caught him staring at it a few times. I groped myself a few times as a sign of interest."Well, that about does it. You're in campsite number thirty-two. It's down this road," he said, pointing at the map he had given me. Best Lolita Sites "You're by the stream, it's a great place to cool off.""Thanks, Todd. Hey, is there a place to get a bite to eat close by?" I asked."Well, not this late. You'd have to drive about twenty miles to find something. I've got some beef stew on the stove in back though. You're welcome to have it," he said."Thanks, Todd. I'd love some of your stew, I'm starving," I said with a wink.I followed Todd into the Best Lolita Sites small kitchen at the back of the cabin. His ass filled his shorts well and his hairy thighs and legs made my dick swell. I imagined my tongue up his hot tight hole. He pulled a bowl down from a cupboard and ladled some stew into it. His back was to me the entire time. He jumped when I hugged him from behind and jammed my hard cock between his cheeks. I leaned in and whispered into his left ear."Fuck, you're hot. I'd love to ram my dick straight up your gorgeous ass."Todd let out a soft moan and pushed back on my dick. He put down the ladle and reached back and grabbed my thighs."Ummmm, I'd like nothing better."It didn't take us long to get naked. I led him to the kitchen table and he got on his back. His hard dick pointed at the ceiling and a stream of clear precum flowed down his shaft. I swooped in and sucked it in savoring the sweet saltiness of his juice. The only lube we had was some olive oil. I slicked up my dick then liberally coated his tight hole with it. I decided to skip the rimming. I wanted my dick buried deep up his butt. I grabbed his ankles and lifted them onto my shoulders. I probed for his hole. The head of my dick rested at the pucker for a split second then I pushed my entire dick into him. His body tensed and he gasped."Ohhh, fuck! Ohhh, yessss! Fuck me!" he screamed.My dick felt incredible. It was encased in hot tight ass. I looked down at Todd. His eyes were closed. His expression a cross between pain and pleasure. I tightened my grip on his muscular thighs and pulled back. My dick almost popped out but I stopped in time and rammed it back into my gorgeous mountain man again. The table hit the wall and we were off.I usually enjoy a nice long fuck but my load was backed up and I hadn't fucked this tight of an ass in a long time. The fact that Todd was gorgeous and verbal didn't help. I'm sure we woke up a few nearby campers as we fucked. He urged me to fuck him deeper and hard with each thrust. The guy was unbelievable; what I would call a natural bottom. I didn't think I'd last much longer when I felt his body tense. I held my cock deep inside and watched as his dick shot thick ropes of cream onto his hairy chest and neck."Oh, yeah! That's it, Todd, shoot that fuckin' load, boy. Shoot it, yeah, fuck!" I egged him on.I was right behind him. His ass walls tightened around my dick and I lost it. My load flowed into him in long spasms."OHHH, FUCKKKK I'M CUMMINGGGGG!" I screamed.My pent-up cop cum filled Todd's ass. I pulled out and shot my last rope onto his hairy nuts. The sweet smell of cum filled the kitchen. I collapsed on top of him and lapped at his cum on his neck. He turned to me and we shared a long cum-filled kiss.We cleaned up and I stayed to eat his stew. He told me the campground was popular with all types but tended to attract its share of men looking for other men. He pointed out on the map a spot on the stream especially popular with locals and visitors. He warned me that the park rangers sometimes patrolled it however. I looked forward to checking it out.I gave Todd a long goodnight kiss and headed for my campsite. I somehow managed to pitch my tent and crawl inside. I was dead tired and fell asleep instantly.I woke up the next morning to the sounds and smells of other campers cooking breakfast. I left my tent to take a good look around and to find the nearest toilet. My site, like the others, was fairly secluded. I could see my neighbors through the trees to my west and east. They were about sixty feet away. The stream was to my south and the road to my north. I headed down the Best Lolita Sites road and soon found the toilets and showers. A steady stream of men flowed in and out of the building. There's something sexy about a guy who's just gotten out of bed-the scruffiness, the messy hair, and the unfocused eyes.I used the toilet then headed down a narrow hallway to the showers. The shower room was about 15'x20'. Six showerheads were on the far wall and wooden pegs for clothes and towels with benches underneath them were on the opposite wall. There were two men showering when I arrived. A young tall black man with muscular legs and a beautiful ass showered with his back to me and an older man with a neatly trimmed beard was facing me. He was washing his hair so his eyes were closed to avoid getting shampoo in them. He was well built and nicely tanned. I figured he was around 45.I put my clothes and towel on a peg and joined them. I took the showerhead between them. We said our hellos but kept busy washing and rinsing. We were probably only three feet from each other. A few times I caught a glimpse of the younger man's hole as he bent over to wash his calves and feet. It was dark pink and looked delicious. I think the older man caught me checking it out because he smiled whenever I looked over at him and I noticed his dick was hardening.My dick was also swinging upwards. I caught the older guy staring at it. He licked his upper lip then looked me in the eyes. I smiled and pulled on my lengthening cock. The younger guy had his back to us so he wasn't aware of our condition. I wasn't ready for what happened next. The older guy sunk to his knees and my cock disappeared down his throat. I let out a soft moan as his bottom lip met my balls. I had my back to the younger man and turned my head to see his reaction."What the fuck are you guys doin'?" he said.I winked at him and said, "I guess he's hungry.""Damn! I've never seen a guy suck cock before,""Well, check it out. I'm sure he'll suck you too."I looked down at the older guy and he pulled off my cock for a moment."Fuck that, I want him to shove his fat cock up my ass," he said.He went back to sucking me. The younger man watched intently. The scene mesmerized him. After a few minutes he came back to reality. His dick was hard. He had about ten inches of thick meat. I looked up at him."Hey, buddy. Pull that bench over here."He pulled a bench over and I moved the older guy over to it. He got down on it without letting go of my throbbing meat. His legs were spread on either side of it and he lifted his ass off the surface."That's your cue, buddy. Fuck his ass."He was stunned but nevertheless moved around and straddled the bench. His dick rested on the guy's left ass cheek. I tossed him a small bottle of lube (hey, I'm always prepared). He snapped it open and lubed up his meat. He dripped some onto the guy's hole. Some of it ran down his balls and dripped onto the bench. I was a bit lightheaded. The steam, the expert head I was getting, the anticipation of watching two hot guys fuck-it was overwhelming."That's it, buddy. Take aim and fuck that meat deep!" I commanded.He lined up his cock to the hole and pushed. I watched the ten inches of black dick slowly sink into the guy's muscular white ass. It was amazing. The man didn't stop sucking and seemed to pull the dick deep into his ass. It was unbelievable. The fact that at any minute we could be busted just added to the excitement. I looked up at the young guy. He had a look of pure bliss on his face. He shot me a big smile."Fuck, this is way tighter than pussy! I love it!"For the next ten minutes he plowed ass and I rammed throat. The three of us moved like a well-oiled machine. If there was a heaven on earth it existed in this steamy shower room. I'm sure the moans could be heard from the toilet area but we didn't care. If someone were interested they'd show up.The older guy loved cock. He rammed back on the meat in his ass and massaged my cock deep in his throat. The younger guy was the first to blast his seed. He held his cock deep and erupted."AHHH, FUCKKKKK! TAKE MY JUICE, MAN! FUCKKKKK!"The older guy sucked me harder and I flooded his mouth and throat with my jizz."OHHH, FUCKKK YEAH! EAT IT! AHHHH!"The guy seemed to pull my cum out from deep inside my balls. I blasted his mouth and throat with at least a dozen shots of my creamy hot cop cum. The man in this ass was breathing heavily and was nearly fully on top of our expert bottom guy. We were about to pull our cocks out of the guy when we were startled by a voice by the door."Dad, what are you doin'?"The guy pulled off my dick and we all looked toward the man by the door."Todd? I told you to stay behind the desk.""Todd?" I said. "This is your dad?""Oh, hi Mr. Callihan. Yeah, that's my dad."By this point the younger guy was getting freaked out. He pulled his dick out of Todd's dad's ass and headed toward his towel and clothes. Todd's dad, he was later introduced as Mike, sat on the bench facing his son."Shit, I'm sorry, son. That load I sucked out of your ass this morning wasn't enough. Now get over here and suck your dad's dick."The younger guy flew out the door. We all chuckled. I stood behind Mike and guided his son's mouth to his hard cock. My cock started to stiffen. I knew I'd love the Smokey Mountains-and I had only been here for ten hours.************Part 2: Officer Callihan takes a hike and finds a few local law enforcement officers having fun.
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